Horse Training
or Restarting


Training your horse at home can be a daunting and difficult task. Katja Smith offers her services as An experienced horse trainer to help you and your equine partner get back on track together.

After evaluation, considering your needs, aspirations and skills, Katja will design a customized program to help your horse meet your hopes. She’ll also give you the hands on experience you need to continue these efforts after your horse leaves The Ranch SMA.

As an experienced equestrian and trainer across disciplines, Katja is able to provide information you and your horse can carry forward into your preferred riding style. English, western, reining, trail, dressage, etc. The basics are the same for all of these riding styles..




At The Ranch SMA

Board your horse for a time period
(boarding prices here)

$500 pesos per session Katja trains and rides – 
$300 pesos Marino rides (he puts the miles on)

At Your Place

$700 pesos plus travel fee, Katja comes to your place and works with your horse, or you and your horse.

You are encouraged to come and observe during these sessions. Eventually you will be invited to ride your horse and get one-on-one training from katja based on progress.

“I want to educate the horse and the owner with the end goal of getting you back to your place with the tools, knowledge and experience you need to go forward safely towards your goals.” says Katja.