Riding + Horsemanship Lessons


Katja Smith has decades of riding and teaching experience in a wide variety of disciplines. Her enthusiasm, patience and deep knowledge of horsemanship, horses and the people who love them shines in every lesson. She offers riding lessons in San Miguel de Allende for all levels and types of riders.

Duration: 60 minutes

Private and Group Classes: Max 2 riders

Katja holds German certification (Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung) as an Amateur Trainer for Dressage and Jumping. She also has German certification in Carriage Driving.

Katja believes that “Learning Natural Horsemanship and understanding the true nature of the horse is one of the most important things before mounting these noble animals. Understanding their needs, wants and instincts will make you a better rider.

Starting off with a balanced seat and the knowledge of using good communication (aids) will create a partnership between you and your horse that is beyond imagination.

Being in harmony with the animal will provide you more pleasure than any medal you might win.”

She teaches in English, Spanish and German.

She offers lessons in:

  • Natural Horsemanship
  • Wester Reining/Trail
  • Dressage
  • Jumping
  • Trail Riding

“We will not just help you improve your riding, we will also turn you into a true horse-person who will be confident in handling, cleaning and tacking a horse wherever you go!” 

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Horse lovers make new friends in between lessons
Students are encouraged to be hands on
Instruction is always personalized to meet the rider where they are in the moment